Poker Face

Gottlieb's 1953 Poker Face pinball machine.
David Silverman opens the gates to the National Pinball Museum. Guests entered the National Pinball Museum between giant flippers. Wayne Neyens describe his first pinball machine design, College Daze. An exhibit of the art of Stan Fukuoka featured three playable Capcom games.

The National Pinball Museum opened to the public on December 4, 2010. Shortly after 10 AM, curator David Silverman unlocked the gates to allow a small crowd to enter. Soon visitors were exploring the history of pinball and playing dozens of games in the pay-to-play and exhibit areas.

Poster for the National Pinball Museum Grand Opening on December 4, 2010. Games await cleaning, testing, and backglass installation. Artist Angela Annecchino paints a giant pop bumper cap.

Following a brief Thanksgiving break, a crew of volunteers, staff, and contractors resumed feverish preparations for the Grand Opening of the National Pinball Museum on December 4, 2010. I joined the volunteers for a second weekend and was impressed by the progress.


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