Norwegian flick-a-coin gambling game in which flicked coins drop into slots to release other coins or miss the slots and are retained by the game.
The Kronespillet HD app for iPads models the Ray T6 made in Finland. The Kronespillet HD game rotates to reveal a leaderboard on the back. The Kronespillet HD splash screen mimics the back of the wooden cabinet. The Kronespillet app for iPhones models the Ray T5.

Norwegian software developer, Apps AS, has satisfied my 45-year desire to play kronespill, Norway's flick-a-coin game. Now I can play a Ray T6 with their Kronespillet HD app for the iPad or a Ray T5 with their Kronespillet apps for iPhone, iPod Touch, and Android.

I examine a Kronespill at the Sognefjord ferry in 1966. Herbert Shprentz photo. Kronespill detail. Herbert Shprentz photo. Diagram of Kronespill coin release mechanism.

My family's 1966 summer vacation began in Norway, where we saw an unusual game among many more noteworthy sights. A snapshot reminded me of the game, but I could not discover any more about it for 40 years.

Thanks to the Internet, to Google's instant language translation, and especially to web sites in Norway and Finland, I finally learned that the game is called Kronespill in Norway—roughly Flick-a-Coin. I learned how it worked and I played a Flash simulation of its Finnish counterpart called Pajatso or Payazzo.


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