Dickson Nickelodeon

The gameroom, coffee shop, and ice cream parlor operated in Clara Dickson Hall at Cornell University from 1973 through 1976.
Hank Colker drafted this floor plan of the Dickson Nickelodeon in October 1975. The ice cream and candy counter at the Dickson Nickelodeon. An alternate game layout in the Dickson Nickelodeon gameroom. Hank Colker sweeps the debris from a busy night in the Dickson Nickelodeon.

The Dickson Nickelodeon pinball arcade/ice cream parlor reached its peak expansion in Fall 1975. That October, one of my partners, architecture student Hank Colker, drew a floor plan showing the equipment layout of the Dickson Nickelodeon. Hank's plan serves as a guide for a photographic tour of the Dickson Nickelodeon.

Dickson Nickelodeon Fall 1974 cash box receipts page 1 Dickson Nickelodeon Fall 1974 cash box receipts page 2 Dickson Nickelodeon Fall 1974 cash box receipts page 3 Dickson Nickelodeon commission statement for October 13, 1974

My friends and I operated the Dickson Nickelodeon, a pinball arcade/coffee shop in the basement of a dormitory at Cornell University. We had acquired 23 (very) used coin-operated machines: pinball machines, arcade games, vending machines, and a penny scale.

During the 16 weeks of the fall 1974 semester, I recorded the cash box receipts for each of the 17 working machines. I don't know why I retained those records; I wish I had kept all the machines instead.

Can you guess which games were the most popular?


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