Crafty Bastards

The Crafty Bastards! Arts & Crafts Fair on October 3, 2009 in the Adams Morgan neighborhood of Washington, DC.
Artist Jason Higgins with his LYPC capsule vendor.

Jason Higgins creates satirical graphic arts that combine verbal and visual puns to make you think twice. He offered some artworks for only a dollar in an LYPC capsule vending machine.

Diagram of Monster Bash pinball machine screen printed onto an old book page. Artist Sara Selepouchin at the Crafty Bastards! Arts & Crafts Fair. Artist Sara Selepouchin explains her design and printing process.

Sara Selepouchin designs offbeat diagrams of everyday machines, which she silkscreens onto handy household items. I could not resist buying her pinball machine diagram featuring Williams' Monster Bash.


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